Repomaker Usability Trainers Worldwide, June 2017

Ready by Carrie Winfrey and Tiffany Robertson, Okthanks, in partnership with F-Droid and Guardian Undertaking

OK Thanks – Guardian Undertaking

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The purpose of this research was to know the following issues.

  • Are users capable of full primary tasks including, creating a repo, adding apps from different repos, removing apps, modifying app particulars, and making a second repo?
  • Do individuals perceive learn how to get the apps from a repo installed on an Android telephone?
  • Phrase selection—Do individuals understand the phrase repo?
  • Is repomaker a useful gizmo to members?

The research was hosted by way of video calls with potential customers within our audience. It was targeted on the trainer use case. The narrative under describes the goal use case.

Narrative. You live or train individuals in a location with poor web quality. Your wifi and knowledge connection usually are not reliable, and infrequently can you employ Google Play to get apps and app updates in your telephone. This makes it troublesome to do your job. As an teacher, your job is to coach journalists the way to keep protected whereas using their telephones. You train them ways to keep their communications and media personal.

The research consisted of three elements.

  1. Usability research. Individuals have been requested to use Repomaker to finish duties as we prompted them to take action. After completing the duties, individuals have been requested to fee its degree of problem.

Activity Record:

  1. Login to the app. Create a repo and add three apps which are useful for the journalists you practice.
  2. Add the Twitter app.
  3. Add the Courier app from the Guardian Undertaking’s repo.
  4. Add a description to the Courier app.
  5. Take away an app from your repo.
  6. Create a second repo. You don’t need to add any apps.
  7. Reopen your first repo.
  8. Share your first repo together with your journalists.
  9. Open the page you simply shared.
  10. Speak via how your journalists would add this repo to their android telephone.

    1. Debrief. The next questions have been discussed.

      1. Would the people you practice feel snug downloading F-Droid with a view to get entry to the apps in a repo? (Notice: F-droid cannot be downloaded from the Google Play retailer. It can be downloaded instantly from the website or acquired over bluetooth from someone in the identical room. Also, downloading F-Droid requires you to enable unknown sources on your telephone.)

      2. Please inform me how Repomaker can be helpful for you?

    2. Survey. Users have been asked to finish the survey instantly after the video name:

9 individuals participated in the research from nations including Guyana, India, Pakistan, United States and Zimbabwe. 50% of have expertise coaching. View Demographic stats

Members have been thanked with a $20 present card to Amazon or Google Play.

Usually, individuals are excited about this software. A majority of the members feel that the interface is straight-forward and straightforward to use. eight of 9 individuals felt that Repomaker is a useful gizmo and would use it. It is most useful for distributing apps in instances the place there isn’t a web connection. See notable survey outcomes Largest Problem.

  1. Users need a core understanding of F-Droid and the way it works
  2. Nearly all of members felt that they would wish to know F-Droid first before using Repomaker. More information in activity 10

  3. Instructed Improvements:

  • We have to speak about F-Droid in a method that is acquainted to non-technical customers.
    • For instance: F-Droid is an unbiased, community-sourced app retailer. You possibly can customise it by including repos, collections of apps shared by sources you belief.
  • Make a robust model connection between Repomaker and F-Droid. Users need to know that Repomaker is a part of F-Droid.
  • Provide step-by-step directions for putting in F-Droid and installing apps from a repo on an Android telephone.
  • Think about the touchpoints for a primary time consumer—
    • Goes to the F-Droid web site
    • Views Repomaker page (on the F-Droid website)
    • Launches Repomaker
    • Opens in a brand new tab to Login/Signup view.
    • Choose Sign Up. Enter information. Motion button says “Create my first repo”
    • New repo view
    • Single repo empty view

2. Repo is an summary idea

  • Most members understood this after they started using the app. Hyperlink to survey outcome
  • Though, upon first use, many individuals tapped the ‘Add’ button as an alternative of ‘Add from repos’ because they have been not sure what ‘Add from repos’ meant. Extra information in activity 1

Advised Improvements:

three. Individuals had questions and considerations about modifying

  • Many individuals have been stunned they might edit apps from different individuals and commented that they wouldn’t have recognized they might do it if we hadn’t requested them to take action.
  • One participant was not sure if the modifying perform labored like a Wiki and would update in all places, or if it might only appear in her repo.
  • One participant commented that loved that she might add her personal translations.
  • Some individuals expressed their concern concerning the security of this function.
  • UI for modifying is complicated. Description field takes a long time to load and requires scrolling to see.
  • Extra information in activity 4

Prompt Improvements:

  • Handle questions and considerations in a FAQ page
  • Show bar on modifying web page, when modifying a file from another repo. Ticket ..
  • Permit the identify and developer to be entered solely when the primary model of a file is added. Don’t permit this to be modified afterward.
  • Add hints to abstract and description area. **TICKET #103

  • 4. Individuals have considerations concerning the safety of Repomaker

    • Some individuals shared concern about individuals with the ability to masquerade an app with the modifying function.
    • One participant was not sure how public the repo was when she was creating it, and was hesitant about how she named it.
    • One participant commented that she didn’t need to be chargeable for sharing non-secure apps.

    Instructed Enhancements:

    • Permit the identify and developer to be entered only when the first version of a file is added. Don’t permit this to be changed afterward.
    • Present clear info when a repo is created about who has access to the repo.
    • Present a clear ‘publish’ step, so that customers know once I repo is made seen to others.
    • Tackle considerations in a FAQ.

    5. UI for search and filters in the ‘Other Repo/Browse’ view is unclear

    • It’s unclear that you simply’re looking within a category when you’ve got one chosen.
    • Most members commented that they needed a clear means to go back from this view. Some would faucet back in the browser and modifications wouldn’t be saved.
    • More information in activity 2

    Prompt Enhancements:


    Usability metrics refers to participant performance when completing the assigned tasks. That is consists of completion success rates, error charges, time to process completion and subjective evaluations/interviews.

    • Important Errors: Important errors are reported as errors that end in failure to finish the duty. Individuals might or will not be conscious that the task objective is wrong or incomplete. Unbiased completion of the task is the objective; assist from the check facilitator or others is to be marked as a crucial error.
    • Non-critical Errors: Non-critical errors are errors that the participant recovers from alone and aren’t such that the participant can not full the duty. They will embrace errors reminiscent of extreme steps taken to complete a process or initially utilizing an incorrect perform but recovering from that incorrect step.
    • No Drawback: A qualitative evaluation of users potential to finish the duty with seemingly ‘no problems’. Nevertheless, this does not mean that non-critical errors weren’t made while completing the task.

    Degree of Problem:

    The individuals have been requested to fee the extent of problem per activity as they completed them.

    • Process 1: Create a repo and add three apps.
      • Users turning into conversant in interface also many believed as soon as they hit ‘add’ and noticed the blue button their app had been added or saved to their repo.
    • Process 3: Add the Courier app from the Guardian Venture’s repo.
      • Rated lowest degree of problem because users have grow to be conversant in the interface.
    • Activity 5: Remove an app.
      • Rated highest degree of problem as a result of customers felt there were too many steps involved and most expected to have the ability to take away an app from the repos view.
    • Activity 6: Create a second repo.
    • Activity 8: Share your first repo with the journalist you practice.

    Average Important Error Fee:

    Crucial errors are reported as errors that end in failure to finish the task. Individuals might or will not be aware that the duty objective is wrong or incomplete. Unbiased completion of the task is the objective. Assist from the check facilitator or others is to be marked as a crucial error.

    • Activity 1: One participant unable to complete the task with out help from the facilitator.

      • Participant thought she might add anything from her purposes folder on her pc.

    • Activity three: One participant unable to compete the duty without her from the facilitator.

      • The Courier app was already of their repo they usually didn’t see the error so when clicking the ‘done’ button they weren’t brought back to their repo.

    • Activity four: Two individuals unable to complete the duty.

      • Added the description to the abstract subject only (as an alternative of the right text box).

    • Process 5: One participant unable to complete the task.

      • Opened and closed app index and app particulars twice.

      • Couldn’t determine it out from the repo view and didn’t choose ‘edit’ in the app details view as a result of they weren’t making edits to the app simply the repo.

    • Process eight: One individual was unable to finish the duty.

      • They tried to get the repo added to their telephone first, however was technically unable to do so due to storage limitations.

Common Non-critical Error Fee:

Non-critical errors are errors that the participant recovers from alone and are usually not such that the participant can not complete the task. They will embrace errors reminiscent of excessive steps taken to complete a process or initially utilizing an incorrect perform but recovering from that incorrect step.

  • Process 1 & 2: Members studying the interface and multiple steps required to finish the duty.
    • Unfamiliar with the phrase repo.
    • Have been distracted by the ‘add’ button on repo page.
    • Points with including from different repos-See details in tasks 1 & 2.
    • Blue examine didn’t conform to their expectations.
  • Activity 5: Too many steps concerned. Many thought this motion can be found inside the repo view.
  • Activity 8: Individuals tapped the ‘copy link’ button and after seeing the blue examine thought they have been finished, but not assured in what just happened. Afterwards, copying and pasting the hyperlink in a new tab.

Activity 1: Login to the app. Create a repo and add three apps which are helpful for the journalists you practice.

  • Common Problem: 1.83
  • Number of Individuals with Essential Errors: 1
  • No drawback – four⁄9 (44%)



“I wouldn’t actually put the country name, because I’m not sure how public this is.” (Participant 9)

“I don’t want to be responsible for sending out non-secure apps.”

(Participant 5)


Apps Index View – Before Apps are Added

  • Clicked ‘add’ first – four⁄9 (44%)
  • Thought the ‘+’ in the nav bar was to add apps – 2⁄9 (22%)
  • Unclear that this was just for Android apps; Was confused about which apps could possibly be added; thought she might add things from her purposes folder on her pc – 1⁄9 (11%)
  • Confused about adding .apk information – 1⁄9 (11%)

Add from Repos View

  • Thought once they tapped ‘add’ it might add the app, however it didn’t till they tapped executed
  • The problem was that folks went to the subsequent web page or modified the filter and their choices have been cleared- 3⁄9 (33%)
  • Customers observed that some apps showed up a number of occasions – 2⁄9 (22%)
  • Some left the web page without hitting achieved (ie. used the again button in the browser) – 1⁄9 (11%)

Participant Suggestions:

  • Needed to sign up using a google account – 1⁄9 (11%)
  • Individuals glad to see the apps they needed can be found
  • Be specific about what file varieties could be added
  • “Can I add my own files?” (Participant 9)
  • Create buttons appears to ‘lag’ – 7⁄9 or (77%)
  • How do I ensure my repo is personal?

Activity 2: Add the Twitter app.

  • Common Problem: 1.55
  • Variety of Members with Important Errors: zero
  • No drawback – four⁄9 (44%)

“I don’t know what ‘other repos’ means.”

(Participant 9)

#### Observations:

Apps Index View – After (activity 2)

* Huge shiny add button was distracting; thought they might click on there so as to add extra apps – 2/9 (22%)
* Have been confused or didn’t like that the preliminary motion playing cards merged – four/9 (44%)

#### Participant Suggestions:

* ‘Add from repos’ button needs to be more visible and larger
* Thought the explore icon appeared like an eyeball

“I wasn’t sure how to get back to the page I was on.”

(22% of Individuals)

Add from Repos View

* Want higher classes (ex: ‘internet’ class is a bit abstract – consists of browser’s, privateness twitter and fb) A social media class can be more related __– 2/9 (22%)
* It’s not instantly clear that categories filter – 2/9 (22%)
* Participant selected a class filter, then searched. The app didn’t show up, because it was looking inside the class.
* Search was not straightforward to find- 1/9 (11%)

#### Participant Feedback:

* “Categories aren’t specifically clear.” (Participant 1)
* _“I’m used to finding search on the right side.” (Participant 7)_

#### Bugs:

* Bug filed for adding an app that is already in your repo #108


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## Activity 3: Add the Courier app from the Guardian Venture’s repo.

* **Common Problem**: 1.22
* **Number of Members with Crucial Errors**: 1
* **No drawback** – eight/9 (88%)

#### Observations:

* Members familiar sufficient with interface to easily complete activity

#### Participant Feedback:

* One participant made 7 redundant faucets on the ‘done’ button throughout this activity. They assumed the page was stalling or the internet connection was unreliable. When the truth is, they already had the app in their repo and didn’t see the error/warning message at the prime of the web page. Wasn’t capable of get out of this view until they reloaded the page or unchecked the blue verify mark.


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## Activity four: Add an outline to the Courier app.

* **Common Problem**: 1.5
* **Number of Individuals with Important Errors**: 2
* **No drawback**– 5/9 (55%)

“It seems really strange to be able to edit someone else’s app. I’m really concerned about the security feature of publishing repos. People putting out virtually similar apps, but changing just slightly. Because I can edit almost everything except for the icon. I can upload my own app file but still use their icon. Suggest ways to have warnings about masquerading.”

(Participant 1)

“Does it work like a wiki when I make changes, or does it only change it in my repo?”

(Participant 5)

#### Observations:

* Added description to the summary area – three/9 (33%)
* Commented that they wouldn’t have recognized they might edit an app, until we asked them to do it – 3/9 (33%)
* Description view takes too lengthy to load – 2/9 (22%)
* No indication within the description text box that this is where you add an outline – 2/9 (22%)
* Need a ‘save’ button with the description box – 2/9 (22%)
* Need a again button on this page (needs it to say ‘back to repo’) – 2/9 (22%)


#### Participant Feedback:

* When you faucet back within the browser, your modifications are usually not saved.
* Attach save buttons to sections which are edited, fairly than having 1 ‘done’ button
* Speak about modifying in the FAQ or overview of the app
* Simplify edit view

## Activity 5: Take away an app out of your repo.

* **Average Problem**: 2.16
* **Number of Individuals with Important Errors**: 1
* **No drawback** – 4/9 (44%)

“Edit makes me think that I would edit something within it, rather than removing it.”

(Participant three)

#### Observations

* Anticipated to have the ability to remove apps from the primary apps index view – 7/9 (77%)
* Most people searched major page, however remembered that that they had seen something in the edit view previously.
* _I’m not making any modifications to the app._
* _Wasn’t immediately apparent_
* _Not troublesome, just requires loads of clicks_
* I might anticipate to hover over or long press an app and get the choice to remove
* I need a ‘remove app’ button on the app web page
* Likes affirmation to take away the app – 1/9 (11%)

## Process 6: Create a second repo. You don’t want to add any apps.

* **Average Problem**: 1.72
* **Number of Individuals with Crucial Errors**: zero
* **No drawback**– 6/9 (66%)


#### Observations:

* Not utterly clear, however figured it out – 3/9 (33%)
* Looking for empty state of My Repo view – 2/9 (22%)
* Many had tapped + by mistake already (thought it was to add apps)- 2/9 (22%)
* Needed to tap on the identify of the repo or near it – 1/9 (11%)

Participant Suggestions:

* Would help to have the choice in the My Repos residence view
* Hover label for brand spanking new repo (close to +)
* “Add button says it all.” (Participant 4)
* Would really like a visual notification that the primary repo was saved


## Activity 7: Reopen your first repo.

* **Common Problem**: 1.44
* **Number of Members with Essential Errors**: zero
* **No drawback** – eight/9 (88%)

“Home conformed to my expectations.”

(Paricipant 5)

#### Observations:

* Had found out the way to do it in a previous process – 1/9 (11%)
* Tapped again in browser – 1/9 (11%)

#### Bug:

* Bug with duplicate repos showing in residence display 1/9 (11%)


## Process 8: Share your first repo together with your journalists.

* **Common Problem**: 1.72
* **Variety of Individuals with Essential Errors**: 1
* **No drawback**– 3/9 (33%)


#### Observations:

* Copy and pasted the link in a brand new tab (with out prompting) – 4/9 (44%)
* Went to share immediately – most everyone
* Members tapped ‘copy link,’ noticed a blue examine and did nothing else – 2/9 (22%)
* Used Facebook – 1/9 (11%)
* Used Twitter – 1/9 (11%)
* Opened the public hyperlink instantly. Was going so as to add it to F-Droid then share with individuals from there 1/9 (11%)
* Not clear tips on how to publish the repo – 1/9 (11%)

#### Participant Feedback:

* Needs to ensure the hyperlink is secure
* Don’t need to make it public (Password protection, unlisted?)
* Verify doesn’t go away after copying hyperlink
* _“Sending a QR or link doesn’t do anything.” (Participant 1)_
* “What does the blue check mean?” (22% of Individuals)
* Can be good to have the ability to e mail from this web page, perhaps linkedin
* Just like the QR code, because very familiar utilizing these
* Steps aren’t extraordinarily clear
* Likes that it exhibits how many apps are in your repo
* Step by step — this is the way you share it with journalists (three step course of)
* Having the QR code and hyperlink on the identical web page is helpful
* Want to see a reminder about F-Droid on the share display
* Have to have a transparent understanding about F-Droid and how it works


## Activity 9: Open the web page you just shared.

* **Average Problem**: 1
* **Variety of Individuals with Crucial Errors**: 0
* **No drawback**– 9/9 (100%)

#### Observations:

* Everyone highlighted link, copied and pasted it in a new tab to view


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## Activity 10: Speak by means of how your journalists would add this repo to their android telephone.

#### Fundamental Takeaways:

1. **Nearly all of members felt that they wanted a core understanding of F-Droid first**


_“Most people wouldn’t have a problem installing F-Droid. The biggest challenge is knowing how F-Droid works.” (Participant 3)_


_“The concept of a repo is very abstract – the hardest part would be understanding what it is.” (Participant 6)_


* First need to know F-Droid in an effort to set up a repo
* Understood that you simply need F-Droid first, however consider you would wish to spend time explaining FDroid to somebody earlier than establishing a repo
* Relationship between F-Droid and repomaker is unclear
* Could be a challenge if F-Droid shouldn’t be already adopted into their workflow
* Individuals have to be snug and conversant in F-Droid first in trainings
* If they’re educated about F-Droid and information comes from a trusted supply, they will be possible to make use of it
* How do I get it if I solely have one system

1. **Step-by-step instructions needed (starting with F-Droid set up)**


“Most of the journalists I work with are lazy. They would need step by step instructions.” (Participant eight)

* Step-by- step instructions would assist
* If I share it on Facebook, they may have it on their telephone.
* Provide information up front that you simply want F-Droid for it to work
* QR code scanner in F-Droid can be useful. Participant didn’t have a QR code scanner or room to obtain it
* The Pakistani testers favored QR code choice for sharing
* Needs to ensure the hyperlink is secure


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# Is it Helpful?

8 out of 9 members agreed Repomaker is a useful gizmo and would utilize it

##### YES

* Yes! Participant does multiple trainings in rural areas with students who couldn’t download apps prior to trainings, making talking concerning the particular apps through the precise trainings too summary.
* Repomaker is a superb concept! Very, very helpful!
* See this being a really useful gizmo for trainings. Simply ship a hyperlink to trainees prior to the training/conference ask them to install FDroid and obtain this repo with all the materials needed for our training.
* In a context the place individuals don’t have Google Play, F-Droid makes numerous sense.
* Sure, as a result of when educating labs (at college) we should obtain a couple of network simulators and apps, however because of the proxies network (restrictions on the internet, websites or apps being blocked) we aren’t in a position to use wifi on this means, making it troublesome or unimaginable to get the needed materials for lab. Subsequently, we might utilize Repomaker in these situations (Nearby software or bluetooth)
* Some individuals would discover it very useful!
* Very useful to host trainings, give individuals a landing web page with a custom-made repo!
* If there’s some prior schooling about FDroid and Repomaker and this schooling/introduction comes from a trusted source, believes many people would not hesitate to make use of the software.
* Participant is admittedly battling the issue of unreliable internet connectivity, so they’re very on this app specifically for training purposes and the power to share repos with individuals every time wanted.


* Unsure, I’m not an Android consumer.
* How does this make my use case simpler?
* Need to know more about F-Droid


#### Pakistan

* In Pakistan everybody makes use of Android.
* In Pakistan cellular knowledge is dear and not all areas have good protection, nevertheless, about 70-90% of individuals have cell phones with airdrop being a very acquainted sharing device.
* In massive cities within Pakistan individuals are very familiar and cozy utilizing QR scanners and codes, nevertheless, inside the smaller, rural areas individuals are skeptical.
* Access to cell phones ubiquitous, so cellular platforms actually useful.

#### Sri Lanka

* In Sri Lanka, physical and gadget checks (army checkpoints) are quite common. The guards will verify your telephone apps and photographs, however individuals can be storing these repos in F-Droid, so apps wouldn’t appear on their residence display.
* F-Droid doesn’t look engaging, so it gained’t appeal to officials consideration.
* The galaxy y doesn’t have very much capability. Space for storing is a matter.
* If there’s patchy network, individuals use bluetooth, to save lots of knowledge, as a result of knowledge is cash and in addition to save lots of knowledge.
* Most individuals are using telephones which might be given by organizations—like World Vision. Some organizations really feel that it can be used as a private gadget, in order that they block things in order that they gained’t use knowledge (ex: some block fb or IMO apps). Typically they come with their very own apps (like World Nation); blocking other apps.

#### Zimbabwe

* Problem of internet very real in Zimbabwe. Repomaker could be very practical and useful. With the ability to store apps multi functional location.
* Too many people utilizing Google Play directly.

#### Participant Suggestions:

* Might supply a FAQ’s part
* On residence display have a number of quick questions and answers relating to Repomaker– _What’s a repo? What would I exploit repomaker for? Study more here.

* Further verification step?
* How a lot will it value to run the apps?
* How much knowledge will repomaker require?
* What about storage? Will repos have the ability to store on exterior storage units?


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# Survey Outcomes

## Comply with-Up


## PAGE_BREAK: PageBreak

## App Distribution

#### Notable: What number of app?

From our responses, a majority of trainers share 2-5 apps during trainings.


#### Notable: Largest challenge?

_**The most important problem this set of trainers face is that ‘Participants can’t hook up with the web during a training (75%).**

_**Second to that (50%), ‘Participants can’t hook up with the web earlier than the training’ and ‘Sharing an app requires unknown sources to be turned on in the phone settings’.**



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## Primary Information


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## Would you do it once more?

### PAGE_BREAK: PageBreak

# Attainable FQA’s

How a lot knowledge will repomaker require?

How a lot knowledge is required to install F-Droid?

How a lot storage needed?

Will repos have the ability to store on external storage units?

What is F-Droid?

What’s a repo?

What information can I add to my repo?

Can apps be downloaded immediately from the public repo view?

Why do I want F-droid?

Can I edit any app?

Can others edit my apps?

Can others edit my private repo?

How can I customize to a selected training?

How public is my repo? Who has entry to my repo?

How safe is my repo?

How do I verify the apps I’m adding to my repo?

How do I do know apps are coming from the unique supply?

How do I guard towards malware?

If there are two of the identical app, how do I do know which one to trust?

Can other individuals masquerade my apps?

Is it protected to enable unknown sources?

How do I set up apps from my repo?

Is this a safe device? Is it protected to use?

How much storage will Repomaker and F-Droid need?

Can the apps from my repo be downloaded onto an external storage system?

**Methods to use F-Droid Repos**

– find out how to add one / methods to get a repo on your telephone

– the right way to get a repo from the desktop pc to your telephone

– the best way to share a repo hyperlink

– the right way to share a repo from F-Droid when there’s no internet; how one can share one offline / learn how to share apps with friends when there’s no web.

– tips on how to remove one

– how do I replace information and apps I add?