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Review: Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS (Almost Worthy of Being L Glass)

The Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF has a very reasonably priced worth level and the picture high quality to exceed stated worth point.

When the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS was first announced, I used to be excited until I discovered that it didn’t have climate sealing. For those of you who have been followers of the location for years, you’ll know that I’m massive on climate sealing. I’m of agency perception that each digital camera and lens today ought to have it. And I’m also an enormous fan of small lenses for mirrorless cameras. The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS is simply that. It certainly isn’t an L lens but this can be a lens designed for enjoyable and slightly bit of critical work. Most importantly, it has image stabilization inbuilt.

Execs and Cons


  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly quick to focus
  • It’s a lens that’s just about designed to be all the time in your digital camera
  • Image stabilization, which could be very a lot wanted in the system
  • Beautiful bokeh
  • Sharp sufficient for most uses however not as sharp as most L glass I’ve seen and used. Nonetheless, it’s a shocker
  • Pretty reasonably priced at $449 recurrently.


  • I might have gladly paid extra money for Canon to climate seal this lens

Gear Used

We examined the Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF with the Profoto B10, Canon EOS R and the Canon EOS RP.

Tech Specs

Taken from the official Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF listing

Focal Length & Most Aperture

35mm f/1.eight

Lens Development

11 parts in 9 teams

Diagonal Angle of View


Focus Adjustment

AF with full-time guide

Closest Focusing Distance

zero.56 ft. / zero.17m

Max. Diameter x Size, Weight

Φ2.93 x 2.47 in., approx. 10.eight oz. / Φ74.four x 62.8mm, approx. 305g


The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS is finally a small lens. You possibly can inform this by taking a look at it general and even when holding it, that thought is hammered into your head. We start at the entrance here where we see the 52mm filter thread.

As far as controls go on the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS, it’s totally different than many others out there. Close to the entrance is a management ring that may be programmed for ISO, shutter velocity, aperture, and so forth. The back ring is for focusing.

On the aspect of the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS are two switches: one for AF and MF whereas the opposite is for image stabilization.

Build Quality

Once you hold this lens, you’ll really feel that it’s akin to a bit of fruit–liken it to a small apple if anything. In the hand, it feels very nice and because of the measurement, the management ring around the lens is straightforward sufficient to succeed in and use. With all this stated, I really, actually wish that the Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF have been climate sealed. Although it’s built properly general, weather sealing would have made this lens a very good companion to the company’s stellar L lens lineup for the RF collection. The climate sealing would additionally naturally match the construct quality of the our bodies as all of them to date are weather sealed. And whereas many photographers might not care about taking the cameras out into the rain as much as I do, accidents occur when out with associates or on vacation. The cameras can have your alcoholic beverage of selection spilled on them and that lack of weather sealing will surely value you some cash. Throughout our checks, the lens admittedly went out into the lighted of drizzles right here in NYC, but even a Insurgent might survive that.

“With all this said, I really, really wish that the Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF were weather sealed. Though it’s built well overall, weather sealing would have made this lens a truly perfect companion to the company’s stellar L lens lineup for the RF series.”

Ease of Use

“For those of us who drink too much coffee in the morning or that don’t know how to properly hold a camera, the image stabilization will greatly assist.”

Photographers can be glad to know that the Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF is a very simple to use lens, but that it’s also very digital in its design. Once I say this, I imply that there isn’t a focusing distance scale on the lens. In consequence, I can’t actually advocate it for road images as that is an important half of its use. Nevertheless, for anybody that desires to use it in full autofocus mode, go proper ahead. Most of the time I used it as a enjoyable lens on a digital camera that I all the time needed to have round me. The small measurement of the Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF lends itself to this state of affairs very favorably. So if anything, most photographers shall be pleased to only use it as a macro to shoot random hangouts with associates whereas others will take pleasure in utilizing it for more critical things.

One of the most effective things about this lens is the picture stabilization. For those of us who drink too much espresso in the morning or that don’t know the way to properly maintain a digital camera, the image stabilization will enormously help. Where that is most needed although is with slower shutter speeds than 1/40th in low mild conditions. The nearer you focus, the more that the shake can be amplified. All of these make the image stabilization a really welcome addition.


During my exams with the Canon 35mm f1.8 USM IS RF on the Canon EOS RP, I used to be quite stunned at just how nicely the 2 labored together. Whereas on a tour of the Penumbra amenities in NYC, I decided to strategy the go to in a documentary style. For photojournalistic causes and functions, the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS did a terrific job. The focusing was all the time accurate, quick enough for documentary work, and reliable. Actually, it never missed its mark. To be a bit extra clear about this, I was utilizing particular spot focusing. Because of the performance, I can’t make a grievance concerning the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS’s autofocus in documentary capturing situations.

The place the autofocus began to fail me is with macro capturing–but that shouldn’t come as a shock as everybody’s does this. The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS typically took additional lengthy or couldn’t nail the focusing at very close ranges. As I think that nobody shall be using a lens like this for macro capturing that always or professionally, that shouldn’t be a huge drawback. But when you’re utilizing it for product images the best way that I’ve seen some journalists do, you then’ll not have main points as a result of your topic isn’t shifting and when you’re sensible you’re utilizing enough lighting. I totally understand that not each occasion gives the most effective lighting situations, however that’s once you ask a rep to convey a product some other place for a product picture.

“…I can’t make a complaint about the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS’s autofocus in documentary shooting situations.”

Image High quality

Whereas the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS isn’t quite L quality, I’m certainly impressed by what it may possibly deliver. This can be a lens very much designed for an newbie and enthusiast so it is subsequently not designed to render the most effective picture quality. When you’re a better finish fanatic or knowledgeable you’ll need to succeed in for the corporate’s L lenses. Some of one of the best things concerning the image quality are the bokeh and like many other lenses on the market, you’ll need to use a flash to get probably the most sharpness. Nevertheless, as I say that, I went again into Capture one to actually take a look at the sharpness and it’s impressive for a lens this reasonably priced and for a system this new. Whereas people might hate on the new Canon RF system and I actually can’t deny that it still could possibly be more revolutionary, the lenses and the performance are greater than ok for most people.

“If these aren’t sharp then I’m not sure what are. This lens is less than $500 on the market and with a flash can deliver sharp enough photos that are more than usable for any professional project.”


Arguably one of my favorite issues concerning the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS is the bokeh. It’s clean and creamy–this is all assisted by the fact that it may well focus so darned shut. Need that little bit of Korean BBQ or your Dumpling to actually shine? Get shut and let the background be blown out into a Monet portray. Photographers of every kind will recognize the bokeh of the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS. Actually, I barely ever needed to cease it down however knew that I had to for the evaluation. If I really feel that means, I’m positive others gained’t need to stop down either.

Chromatic Aberration

Whereas the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS reveals a bit of distortion, I don’t assume that this is too terrible. It may be worked with in publish production and there wasn’t any major fringing that I was able to find that subsequently threw off the pictures.

Shade Rendition

While people will go on and on concerning the colours that Canon can produce, I typically lock my white stability to sunlight or tungsten. The colours that the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS can render aren’t super saturated like a Zeiss or Sigma offering. However as an alternative they’re only a bit more so. I like the colours and with some modifying you can do even more with them. Straight out of the digital camera though and with the best way that the Canon sensors work, I’d recommend overexposing your pictures just a tad. It isn’t as awful because the Canon 5D Mk II needed, nevertheless it needs extra mild. You’ll actually see this with portraiture that you simply need to do with the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS.


Would you consider that the Canon EOS RP and the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS together with a Profoto B10 shot our Leica Q2 product photographs? If these aren’t sharp then I’m unsure what are. This lens is less than $500 available on the market and with a flash can ship sharp sufficient pictures which are more than usable for any skilled undertaking. Combine all of this with whatever you need to do in post-production and you’ll get even better and sharper photographs. These photographs have been shot in-camera and are straight out of digital camera JPEGs. There was no RAW picture modifying achieved to them. For what it’s, the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS is extremely spectacular.

Additional Image Samples



  • Small measurement
  • Picture quality
  • Image stabilization
  • Actually low cost worth


  • I really needed weather sealing

The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS is a lens that photographers will decide up if they’re in search of a great 35mm lens for the Canon system that has picture stabilization. Along with that the picture quality can also be very sharp for what it is. Then contemplate the bokeh and the truth that you can’t solely get this from a 35mm lens, but the f1.8 aperture permits you to actually blow your backgrounds out. I can’t really complain concerning the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS except, you recognize, I want it was built higher.

The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 USM IS receives four out of 5 stars; and for a budget worth on Amazon it must be a no brainer. It’s fairly reasonably priced at $449 recurrently.