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World Cup 2019 results: Buchecha and Nathiely reign in the absolute

Marcus Buchecha obtained double gold, scoring 13 black belt titles. Photograph: Blanca Marisa Garcia

It was four days of action with the world's greatest Jiu-Jitsu fighters in another electrifying version of the IBJJF World Championship, held Might 30-June 2, 2019, at the infamous pyramid of Long Seashore, California.

On their remaining day, last Sunday, fans of sentimental artwork have been capable of verify which of the Jiu-Jitsu stars can be crowned with the highest honor of the season, in addition to the priceless money prizes.

In the males's, Marcus Buchecha returned to reign with double gold so as to add 13 podium tops in his profession as a black belt. In the female, Nathiely de Jesus gained not solely the heavyweight title, but in addition his first absolute black belt, getting into the select hall of champions in open weight.

GRACIEMAG has followed all the actions and brings you, in the following strains, a summary of each of the 19 adult black belt finals and then the complete results. Take a look at!

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GALO – Mikey Musumeci x Rodnei Barbosa
Just 12 seconds it took Mikey Musumeci (CTA) to put his identify even greater in the world of Jiu-Jitsu. A quick transfer with a foot change was enough to beat Rodnei Barbosa (Qatar BJJ) and secure his third world title, first amongst the weights. It is value remembering that in the semifinal, Mikey had overcome ten-time champion Bruno Malfacine. Good campaign for the first American triple champion by IBJJF.

PLUMA – João Miyao x Paulo Miyao
With a true activity pressure in the division, Cicero Costha's group got here with every part in the featherweight division, with Hiago George, Jose Tiago, João and Paulo Miyao reaching the semi-finals. Hiago and José cleared the method for the Miyao brothers to shut the ultimate, with João getting the gold and his first world title in the black belt.

PENA – Matheus Gabriel x Marcio Andre
After beating Pan's 2019 title over Shane Hill-Taylor, who left the last minute of the World Cup, Matheus Gabriel (Checkmat) put his identify among the favorites, and achieved the dream of the title. In the remaining, Matheus needed to face Marcio Andre (Nova União), who jammed into the guard and tried to complete in the foot, making room for Matheus to climb by two points. In sequence, in Marcio's scraping try, Matheus had room to slip backwards, match the inverted triangle and end in the arm for gold.

LEVE – Lucas Lepri x Lucas Valente
Achieved at the World Championships, Lucas Lepri (Alliance) entered the mat with a mission to win his sixth title. On the different aspect, the younger and gifted Lucas Valente (Gracie Barra), pupil of Vinicius Draculino, tried his first gold. The duel was defined by a duel keeper x passer, with Lepri making use of strain over while Valente sought area to settle and shave. At the finish of the duel, ending in zero to zero, Lepri's victory got here in the referees' choice.

MEDIUM – Gabriel Arges x Isaac Bahiense
In one among the largest turnarounds of the event, Gabriel Arges (Gracie Barra) showed coronary heart till the last second to beat Isaac Bahiense (Alliance) in this duel of world champions. After a dribble of scoring that left the rating in 4 to Four, Isaac led and better, with 2 to 1 in the advantages. On prime of that, Isaac noticed the battle arrive at the final minute whereas basing himself on the 50/50. Gabriel then exploded, acquired out of the guard, climbed and virtually caught his again. After the recreation, the referee signaled for a two-time lead by Gabriel (scoring and scoring on the back) to make it Three-2. GB's get together was full of excitement and Romulo Barral was very shut.

MEDIUM-HEAVY – Felipe Preguiça x Gustavo Batista
Another duel of world champions promised to shake the pyramid of Long Seashore, with the collision between Felipe Preguiça (Gracie Barra) and Gustavo Batista (Atos). in a brain struggle, with both rivals disputing every footprint, the match arrived in the last minute with Four to Four in the factors. Before the end of time, Gustavo attacked in the foot and obtained the advantage, however while attacking could not forestall Preguiça to rise in the 50/50, gaining the benefit at the finish of the struggle. With the tie in points and benefits, the referees indicated that Laziness can be the champion.

HEAVY – Kaynan Duarte x Leandro Lo
Ending the largest expectation amongst the black belt, the struggle between Kaynan Duarte (Atos) and Leandro Lo (NS Brotherhood) meant a duel of types, from youth towards expertise, of the champion consecrated in the black belt since 2012 towards the novice in his first yr among the elite. Expectations have been met in an actual struggle, in which Kaynan passed Lo's elastic guard to return out forward, then was caught in a fall from Lo, who needed to escape from Kaynan's truthful guillotine earlier than profitable the points. Above, Lo tried to cross, but Kaynan went up and knocked Lo down in the single-leg, gaining two more factors to complete the race in 5 to 2.

SUPERPESATE – Nicholas Meregali x Mahamed Aly
After being stopped in the absolute, Nicholas Meregali (Alliance) returned with even more want to overcome his second world title in the weight. His opponent was the then titleholder Mahamed Aly (Lloyd Irvin), however Meregali entered without giving any probability to the opponent. Taking guard, Meregali attacked several occasions, ranging from the triangle to the shoulder blade, until he reached the again. Mahamed escaped the choke in the race, Nicholas stayed on prime and adopted with strain until he acquired his again yet one more time, ending in the stranglehold.

HEAVENLY – Marcus Buchecha vs. Ricardo Evangelista
With full pressure, Marcus Buchecha (Checkmat) left Ricardo Evangelista (GFTeam) and brought his well-known recreation volume to speed up the remaining of the heavyweight. With a sequence of falls and floor management, Buchecha collected 18 points before finishing behind the back with a choke.

ABSOLUTE – Marcus Buchecha x Leandro Lo
Repeating the gesture of his pal in 2018, in which Buchecha introduced Lo with gold, in 2019 it was Leandro's flip to provide Buchecha the absolute title. It was the 13th gold of Buchecha's career as a black belt in the world.

Nathiely de Jesus is thrilled after profitable for the first time the absolute title in the black belt. Photograph: Blanca Marisa Garcia


GALO – Mayssa Bastos vs. Rikako Yuasa
Mayssa Bastos (GFTeam) not only guaranteed the bantamweight gold, however managed to displace the present four-time division champion Rikako Yuasa (Paraestra). Conscious of his actions, Mayssa controlled Rikako in scoring duels, which led to the scoring 6-6, standing at the finish with an added benefit on the scoreboard.

PLUMA – Tammi Musumeci x Amanda Monteiro
Sister of three-time champion Mikey Musumeci, Tammi Musumeci (CTA) arrived in the remaining packed after passing by world champions Talita Alencar and Gezary Matuda. Before the gold, Tammi had to beat another world champion, Amanda Monteiro (GFTeam), and the victory came after computing an advantage by virtually catching the again, then instantly management the guard and forestall the robust recreation over Amanda was capable of overcome his guard.

PENA – Ana Schimitt x Bia Basílio
Ana Schimitt (Nova União) returned to shine on the stage of the Worlds, this time in a duel towards the ruddy Bia Basílio (Almeida JJ). The struggle was tense in the first minutes, after each rivals took three penalties every for not climbing the double pull. On the fourth pull, Bia went up and had the benefit, and Ana worked arduous to shave. In the remaining seconds, Ana made an upward move that earned her a bonus by tying the struggle. In the referees' choice, Ana acquired the world title.

LEVE – Bia Mesquita x Charlotte Von Baumgarten
In a busy duel, Bia Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá) confirmed his favoritism towards Charlotte Von Baumgarten (Alliance). For this, Bia, scraped, mounted and attacked in strangulation. Charlotte tried to return, getting over, but Bia tried to finish the dispute with a variation of the triangle, in which she stretches her legs to generate the mandatory clutch (additionally recognized in the USA as teepee choke).

MEDIUM – Ana Carolina Vieira x Laurah Hallock
Ana Carolina Vieira (GFTeam) gave no possibilities to Laurah Hallock (GFTeam) in the finalissima of the average weight. In one stroke, Rodolfo Vieira's sister scraped, mounted, took her again and strangled together with her lapel to safe another gold world.

MIDDLE EAST – Andressa Cintra x Luiza Monteiro
Lovely reversal in the dispute between Andressa Cintra (Gracie Barra) and Luiza Monteiro (Atos). Luiza was more offensive, with attacks on Andressa's legs and ft. Nevertheless, it was Andressa who gave the right boat to win: in an try and cross guard, Andressa was capable of win back with the right footprints to strangle, solely missing the adjustment in the direction of the mild heavyweight title.

HEAVEN – Nathiely de Jesus x Fernanda Mazzelli
With the imminence of appearing in the absolute on the similar day, Nathiely de Jesus (Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ) went with every part towards Fernanda Mazzelli (Striker JJ), and the strain labored. Her correct transition placed her on Fernanda's again, and a stranglehold defined the struggle.

SUPERPESATE – Claudia Do Val x Venla Luukkonen
Champion of the 2018/2019 IBJJF ranking, Claudia do Val (De la Riva) needed to win the tremendous heavyweight title to verify her nice season. For this, Claudia overcame the veteran Venla Luukkonen (Hilti BJJ) by taking a ship in the triangle, shaving with the coup and attacking in the arm wrench of the triangle.

ABSOLUTE – Nathiely de Jesus x Bia Mesquita
On the one hand, the skilled Bia Mesquita appeared for an additional title in the open weight, whereas Nathiely went in the direction of the dreamed absolute gold. In the duel, Nathi scraped by two, while Bia put his stun guard into apply in the quest to scrape again or catch. Bia tried a foot and leglock assault in the end, however Nathi took benefit of the area to climb once more, rating 4-Zero and secure the double gold.



Mayssa Bastos beat Rikako Yuasa 1-Zero in the points after 6 to six points

Tammi Musumeci beat Amanda Monteiro 1-Zero in the field

Ana Schimitt defeated Bia Basilio in the choice of the referees

Bia Mesquita finalized Charlotte Von Baumgarten in the variation of the triangle (teepee choke)

Ana Carolina Vieira finalized Laurah Hallock in the back stranglehold

Andressa Cintra finalized Luiza Monteiro in the back stranglehold

Nathiely de Jesus finalized Fernanda Mazzelli in strangulation at the again

Claudia Do Val has finalized Venla Luukkonen in the triangle armlock

Nathiely de Jesus defeated Bia Mesquita by 4-0 in points


Mikey Musumeci finished Rodnei Barbosa in the standing key

João Miyao and Paulo Miyao closed for Cicero Costha

Matheus Gabriel finalized Marcio Andre in the inverted triangle armlock

Lucas Lepri defeated Lucas Valente in the referees' determination

Gabriel Arges beat Isaac Bahiense 3-2 in the lead after Four to 4 in factors

Felipe “Preguiça” defeated Gustavo Batista in the choice of the referees

Kaynan Duarte defeated Leandro Lo by 5 to 2 factors

Nicholas Meregali finalized Mahamed Aly in strangling the again

Marcus “Buchecha” finished Ricardo Evangelista in strangulation in the back

Marcus “Buchecha” and Leandro Lo closed